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Have you ever wondered what are some of the things that is sold everywhere that you buy and that other people also buy? We can only imagine and wonder how much of these items we are consuming every day. Aside from the home improvement services we require everyday like plumbing services, maid services, tree removal services and others, we are also fond of buying consumer products.

Making the most popular product of the year will make consumers and investors happy but making a bestseller of all time can transform the industry and define a business for decades. These consumer products below are some the best and the most famous products of all time. We have evolved so much that it has become easy to just visit the nearest store near you and just picks for things that you want. Some of these products have made our lives more convenient and at the same time bringing some of the most useful items.

consumer, products

These 10 bestselling consumer products are the items that sold the highest when it comes to figures within a certain category, may it be food or clothing and whatnot:


  1. Coca Cola

Coca Cola sells 1.5 billion servings in one year. It is practically sold everywhere, from the smallest local store to the biggest department store. Sure, it’s unhealthy but people love it so much especially when it’s ice cold. This can be credited to its distribution because they can reach even stores without roads anywhere. And of course, almost 3 out of ten people in the world drink coke everyday.


  1. Lay’s Chips

Lay’s sells 630 (Six Hundred and Thirty) million bags of chips in a year. This is sold by PepsiCo. Although they are responsible for the production of other chips like Cheetos, Doritos and a lot more, Lay’s is the bestselling one. This is probably because of its very distinct taste.


  1. Sony PlayStation

Sony has over 335 000 000+ (Three Hundred and Thirty Five Million and counting) units of playstation in the course of a year alone. Sony has developed a lot of innovative tittles and a few innovations in the gaming scene of technology. One of their sale peaks is during the holiday seasons. Their only competition in the market is Microsoft’s Xbox but Playstation still remains the bestselling gaming console of all time, for now.


  1. The iPad

Apple has sold over 68 000 000 (Sixty Eight) million units in a year. This is the most famous tablet device in the world. iPad is the big brother of the iPhone. It sold a lot because it’s the only affordable unit from apple and that is still stretching it a bit.


  1. Star Wars

It has sold over 4.5 Billion dollars’ worth of ticket sales. This saga is one of the most widely known movies of all time. It’s been loved by billions of people worldwide. This is credited to the long hiatus of the saga after a long time that it has built up the excitement of fans worldwide. The franchise has also sold a lot of merchandise that ranges from comic books, to t-shirts, to mugs, and other fan collectibles.


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