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Getting the house cleaned is easier said than done. Because sometimes you want the whole house cleaned only to start getting a closer look at your own home and realize that you need to be clear about what kind of cleaning do you need. You even end up thinking about whether to do the house cleaning yourself or have that task delegated to someone professionally trained to do it.

If you wanted to do the cleaning yourself, knowledge about cleaning products apart from conventional laundry detergent and pail of water can prove effective! So here are some of the most popular and needed products recommendations from the professional cleaners over at Riverside House Cleaning Agents. 

  • Sponge

This is the common starting tool when cleaning the floor or the glass window pane. The best pieces of sponge can absorb soapy water for wiping either part of the house to soften the filth and grime first in case scraping them first is not enough.

  • Squeegee

This tool is often seen used by professional cleaners swiping the soapy water away from the glass pane along with the foam. There are some in-house cleaners in some fast food joints that use it when cleaning their glass walls during downtime. It has the same rubbery surface on one side as your car wiper. You learn more by visiting

  • Liquid spray bottle

This is a viable alternative to the pail when using soapy water for cleaning the windows. This complimented the squeegee well wherein you spray the soapy water on the glass pane and spread the liquid using the sponge to clean the window. 

  • Scrubbing brush

The common scrubbing brush is either made of wood or durable plastic with brush fibers that are often made of straw thick enough to endure pressure when pressed on the floor. The more advanced versions have a little container attached at the upper part of the handle with a little retractable button to squeeze out the soapy water while scrubbing the floor, saving time and water as opposed to using a pail to put the soapy water into.

  • Microfiber cleaning cloth

While other DIY home cleaners would stick to using the towel cloth-based in wiping the excess fluid, professional window cleaners would use a piece of microfiber cleaning cloth to absorb the soapy water left behind by the squeegee. In-floor cleaning jobs, this is used to wipe off the liquid left on the floor by the scrubbing brush with the little nozzle. Once the cloth has absorbed enough soapy water, it is squeezed above a tin basin.

  • Vacuum cleaner

In case you have not used a vacuum cleaner yourself, it’s the tool proved to be reliable even for professional floor cleaners in removing stray dust and loose dirt first before moving forward with the scrubbing brush. Some vacuum cleaners have an interchangeable nozzle to suck dust and grime off the upholstery and other hard to reach areas in the household.

The list of cleaning products listed above is often found in the kit that house cleaning service providers take to their scheduled house for the day. Disparity often appears when it comes to the kind of detergent or cleaning solution used alongside said tools. But you will see these items used alongside advanced yet environment-friendly cleaning solutions from well establiashed cleaning companies such as Riverside House Cleaning Agents.

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