Cleaning Products and Services

Getting the house cleaned is easier said than done. Because sometimes you want the whole house cleaned only to start getting a closer look at your own home and realize that you need to be clear about what kind of cleaning do you need. You even end up thinking about whether to do the house cleaning yourself or have that task delegated to someone professionally trained to do it.

If you wanted to do the cleaning yourself, knowledge about cleaning products apart from conventional laundry detergent and pail of water can prove effective! So here are some of the most popular and needed products recommendations from the professional cleaners over at Riverside House Cleaning Agents. 

  • Sponge

This is the common starting tool when cleaning the floor or the glass window pane. The best pieces of sponge can absorb soapy water for wiping either part of the house to soften the filth and grime first in case scraping them first is not enough.

  • Squeegee

This tool is often seen used by professional cleaners swiping the soapy water away from the glass pane along with the foam. There are some in-house cleaners in some fast food joints that use it when cleaning their glass walls during downtime. It has the same rubbery surface on one side as your car wiper. You learn more by visiting

  • Liquid spray bottle

This is a viable alternative to the pail when using soapy water for cleaning the windows. This complimented the squeegee well wherein you spray the soapy water on the glass pane and spread the liquid using the sponge to clean the window. 

  • Scrubbing brush

The common scrubbing brush is either made of wood or durable plastic with brush fibers that are often made of straw thick enough to endure pressure when pressed on the floor. The more advanced versions have a little container attached at the upper part of the handle with a little retractable button to squeeze out the soapy water while scrubbing the floor, saving time and water as opposed to using a pail to put the soapy water into.

cleaning window


Windows are great, but do you know what’s better than that? Clean Windows! Windows can serve as a peek to our homes – literally and figuratively. Dirty windows can be signs of a dirty home inside, too. Nobody wants dirty and dusty windows. Cleaning your windows can be pretty easy … that is if you have right tools to do it, the energy and the time that it needs. But what if you don’t have all of that? You can always opt to hire the best professionals. They will do the job right and you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your time with family.

window, cleaning

Cleaning your windows will boost the hominess of your home. Dirty houses will always look unappealing to most people. Also regularly cleaning your windows will keep and protect your windows from distortion from scratches that the dust and debris will give it. Getting it cleaned by professionals will get it done more efficiently and fast. And when the job is done, not only are you going to have clean windows outside, your home inside can benefit from it too. Since sunlight and air comes through our windows, we get to inhale cleaner air and natural light in the house, too.

But did you know that there are a lot of window cleaning companies that offer more than just window cleaning? Chula Vista Window Cleaning Pros is a great example. They offer a lot more than just that plus, they’re expert in all those areas, too. They use the right equipment that is needed for every job so it’s ensured that by the end of the job, no property of yours will be harmed. Check them at and let us know what you think!

These are the qualities you should look for window cleaning services!

  1. They offer pressure washing

This is an effective way of cleaning places that are too tough to reach, to clean or that have accumulated dirt and dust overtime that it’s hard to wash off.

Here are a few uses for pressure and power washing:

For the garage, drive ways and floors

For homeowners who have driveways and garages, one of the most common problems is how to clean the pavement that have darkened because of the coalition of dirt and dust overtime. Pressure washing your drive in can be the perfect way to make it clean and lighten the pavement.


For outdoor furniture washing

Cleaning your outside furniture, that have been exposed to all the seasons and therefore all the dirt, with soap, water and rags wouldn’t the job.  Pressure washing all your chairs, and tables among others will remove all dirt without damaging them.


Fence washing

Having a beautiful house but dirty looking external walls is the worst. Choose a company that also uses a straightforward and effective 3 step process in pressure washing your fences and gate. They should also do removal of graffiti so you can make sure that your walls are not only clean but make it look like new again.


Concrete cleaning & house washing

Pressure washing can work for concrete cleaning, too! They can clean concrete stairs, pathways and tile patios. They also clean the entire façade of your house without damaging the original paint color.